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Power Apps Portals Configure SharePoint File Upload Size Limit

There is a default single file size upload limit of 10 MB in Power Apps Portal with SharePoint Online integration. This can be configured to 50 MB. I have explained how to make the change on this post. If you are coming from CRM world, probably it is an easy change on the Power Apps […]

Custom Power Apps Notification

Normally you will use push notification to send notification to users in Power Apps mobile application but what happens when majority of your users are using desktop browser for Power Apps! In this post, I will explain how you can use your data source to push notifications to your Power Apps. I will use SharePoint […]

Power Apps Controls with Office 365 Security Group

There are different ways you could show/hide controls in a Power App for different users. Using Office 365 Security Group is secure and easy to implement. In this post I will walk you through the process and show an example. You will need access (Office 365 User Admin or Global Admin) to create Office 365 […]

SQL Server Database restore history

Usually you would like to know last time a database was restored. This is very handy script to show you the details. WITH LastRestores AS ( SELECT DatabaseName = [d].[name] , [d].[create_date] , [d].[compatibility_level] , [d].[collation_name] , r.*, RowNum = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY d.Name ORDER BY r.[restore_date] DESC) FROM master.sys.databases d LEFT OUTER JOIN […]

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in Office 365

To setup the MFA for the first time follow the steps below. Your company should provide you with a login details to Office 365. The access is usually through the Office 365 portal or SharePoint Online. Once you have the link and credentials follow the steps below: 1.Go to the provided URL ( or 2. Type […]

Management Reporter 2012 – Bad or missing data was encountered while loading the report and its building blocks – Error resolved

Error Definition:  The error has been observed on AX2009 Kernel (5.0.1600.3090) with Managment Reporter 2012 RU13  both databases installed on SQL 2012 SP1. When running a Management Reporter 2012 report this error is shown in the Report Queue Status: Try  going into Column Definitions and open any column definition. If you get error “The operation could […]

PostgreSQL Changing the currency symbol or number of decimal places

The procedure below only works for Window OS  but the same method  should work for other operating systems. Start command-line: keyboard shortcut Windows+r then type cmd OK runas /user:postgres cmd You will need to enter postgres user’s password if you are not sure what the password is you should be able to change it through Computer Management […]